Minds of different times, sharing a soul.

“Even if we had been sure enough,
It’s true we really didn’t know.
Even if we knew which way to head,
but still we probably wouldn’t go.’
Learn to laugh,
And existence is a joke.
Rub your eyes,
Look and see.
This isn’t a secret,
But everything;
And most certainly gorgeous.
“Well we always, well we always, had it all, had it all.”
And then it’s realized,
We’ve wasted too much time on thought.
And forgot about all that work,
We put into feeling.
And now it seems like we’re running.
From the past that is only half-real,
And trying to outrun the future,
For fear of growing up and out.
“It was always worth it,
That’s the part I seemed to hide.
It took so much effort,
Not to make an effort!
Oh what a flawless design.”
Days and days,
Seas of words and time.
Chemical degradation.
But the secret is,
There’s no secrets.
What you see is what you get.
And it’s the most amazing, uplifting, flowing sensation I’ll ever feel.
Look back Inside,
And Out at once,
And Existence flows into and through you.
This is how life feels.
“If you were the ship,
Well who would ever get on?
The weather changed for the worse.
It came down on us like it had been rehearsed.”
I am God.
There is no coincidence.
Only misunderstanding.
But you fucked up.
I don’t want your faith.
I’m done with you.
Everyone is.
Even you.
It’s time.
The Human race is over,
And this time,
You came in second place
“Yes this is a fine promotion!
And I laugh all the way to Hell.”
Up and Up,
We’re going.
Great plans from great minds.
And only half-human minds.
It’s funny,
The very substance that allowed us to get here,
Now our downfall.
And so easily stolen.
So easily, indeed.
“Someday you will die and somehow somethings gonna steal your carbon”
And Lord knows,
I’ll head the thief’s guild.
And thus with creation, destruction. Change. Evolve. Replace.

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