Vacancy in the minds of learned men

The flames are licking at the open air, Falling as they tastes what’s theirs, Straight from God’s living room. “It’s as they said” ‘Yeah, they certainly called it.’ “You think it’s too late?” ‘It’s never really¬†too¬†late, Unless night has already fallen about, at least. Which reminds me: What time is it anyway? I’ve been around for too long, The contrast just starts to average out. It all feels like dusk.’ “I think you mean dawn, But you might be onto something there. There might still be just enough time to get there, And at least watch.” ‘Might as well, I … Continue reading Vacancy in the minds of learned men

Whispers in my ear

SKM Expand, constrict. Eyes shot open. Warmth spreads, Fades with everything. Sweetly drift to oblivion. SKM There’s a dance for all the stars, In my stairwell. The moon joins, Filling the hole of emcee. Glinting off the walls, I can feel their warmth. Bathed in their light, Creeping my body closer. Denial in the form of physical resistance: Impossible. I follow in their giant footsteps, Imitating perfection, With the awkward touch of humanity. Something pulls me towards that, Which seems to push me away. SKM Nature metaphors to mask responsibility, To free the illusive from tangible. Emotions at higher frequencies, … Continue reading Whispers in my ear

Let not my light shine in vain

The wind has left us. She no longer comforts me in these red mountains, No longer embraces me in our ageless plains. She has left. Her sister, water, before her. Throwing the rain far away, And sucking up our oceans. She is gone. We are each of us alone, now. No more a point in the constellations. We are the shooting stars on the blackdrop, Fading before anyone has the chance to look up. Because we claim ownership of existence, Aware of the “subtleties” that our Mother hid, Non-existence is unforeseeable. We are a network. We were a network. Our … Continue reading Let not my light shine in vain

Better Person

Have a seat. The class will begin shortly, And you’ll cause a disturbance. “Excuse me, I’m not really sure whats going-” Uh, uh, uh. Raise your hand please. This is a vital part of the process that is going to make you a better person. We’re going to fix you, you know. You won’t have anymore of these problems with feelings of emptiness, No more nightmares of nothingness, No more anything. We’ve taken a step back in the field of Other People’s Lives, To a time when the answer was as simple as science: Remove the plagued part of the … Continue reading Better Person


“I don’t really write this to you, you know. It kind of found its way into your hands, Into where it belongs. With destiny as its mail-carrier, My silent confessions, Encrypted epiphanies, And pseudo-intelligible ramblings have all reached you. The whole ordeal is reverential. Its deserving of attention; Note worthy, you might say. There’s something here, No more excuses. Archaeology was never my strong suit, But I’ve got the weight of a entire mode of thought riding my back. To keep me on schedule.” ‘Didn’t write it to me, huh? Then who managed to scribble down the address that Destiny … Continue reading Destiny

The Anatomy of Sorrow

My heart is set aflame, Burning away slowly at the feet of my soul, In empathy. The years that are to come and have gone have taken their toll all at once, In a great strike of the blacksmith’s hammer, The hammer of Fate herself, Upon your not yet tempered, Malleable and uncertain path. I can feel the shockwaves, And my eyes cannot escape the devestation of the forests, The leveled mountains jump up in plains all around me. Tears leap from my gaze, Causing me to see, How the first rivers were born. I feel the leper’s ache, Through … Continue reading The Anatomy of Sorrow

Eye Of the Storm

You’d think that the rain would wash away our sins, And provide us with the benefit of forgetting. But it just ends up converting our world to mud. We’re slipping, Tripping, Falling, And hiding our tears amidst the chaos. We shield our eyes against the lighting we know is there, Cover our ears from the piercing reminder of a split. Fracture of our expectations. The aftermath is frustration. Can’t get a hold of the ground, Mud keeps falling through our fingers. And we keep sinking down, Down. The tree branches and blown over trash cans serve as monuments, For non-momentous … Continue reading Eye Of the Storm