So, seeing as this is properly a philosophy and art blog, I feel compelled to bring about the most obvious question for this scene: what is the proper medium for discussing philosophy?  I can accept that there are different channels for different branches, but then the question just arises as many times as there are distinct branches of philosophy. Because, truth be told, Kant doesn’t do it for me.  Sure, his work is brilliant, and his logic is sound, but the way he discusses it and presents it lends itself to only the higher echelons of society’s understanding.  And is that … Continue reading Ethics

Kaleidoscope glasses

So how do we think then?  Well, that’s not exactly what I mean.  The whole physicality of the mechanisms of thought don’t interest me any more than a snail’s anatomy .  No, what interests me is authenticity, to be clear.  Clearly pretentious and a fan of pseudo-intellectualism, you might be thinking, but that’s precisely my point. No it’s not.  I don’t know even why I said that.  Maybe at a hope for some sort of a sense of leading a literary life.  I’m hoping for coincidence to coincide with my idea of the way the world works.  But this is an impasse and … Continue reading Kaleidoscope glasses

Following the ‘Twisted Staircase’ to Authenticity: The Deconstruction of Desire

In New York City, the seemingly innocuous task of lighting a cigarette in a bar wouldn’t have caused any alarm ten years ago. Today, however, the naive smoker would quickly find him- or herself expelled from the public business. The government of New York has decided to intervene in order to protect the rights of the many at the cost of the few. A ban in public places on a product that can harm nonparticipant bystanders is a fairly understandable decision. However even in private clubs, New York City has decided to invade the sphere of private business owners for … Continue reading Following the ‘Twisted Staircase’ to Authenticity: The Deconstruction of Desire

Godot: Our Beacon Ever on the Horizon

For a philosophy student to be writing on the topic of the meaning of life seems almost cliche and pretentious. Which is why it falls to me to bear the heavier weight of somehow addressing this topic while establishing some sense of credibility of why I know what life means, as a 20 year old boy, and all the while keeping the attention of my reader, by not regurgitating what others have said before me. I have to make the mesh of ideas that are already known appear new. Since my ultimate goal is clarity, as this is a philosophy … Continue reading Godot: Our Beacon Ever on the Horizon