Maman died today. Or maybe yesterday.

We see stories all throughout our lives. Or what we call stories. But there is no story. There is no sum. Only components. We craft a link between the characters and scenes and events. Causation simply isn’t there. But this is a beautiful revelation. It violently rips our bias away, and forces us to gaze onto pure existence as we have never known it. And we are overcome with this amazingly overwhelming feeling of impotence laced with a promise. A promise from god himself that we might live in such a way as to realize we are unable to change anything past our minds. And due to constant misinterpretations, I must stress: this does not lead to despair. Nothing in existence can be linked to despair. Despair is a lie. We are not doomed. Not ever. This realization gives us hope brighter than summer. If nothing is certain, impossibility holds no meaning.”

Values signify declines in societies, so says I.
Repent and pity and disgust shall be returned upon you.
Rise up with pride of life, and God himself bends down at your feet.
With these hands, destruction and life, like left and right.
I am the beginning of the end and the end is ever-inching closer.
So learn to love and never cry,
But most of all, say goodbye.

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