I miss you

Now that you’re gone, Extracted from my life, You’d think it’d be easy to move on. Easy to cut the ties, And look ahead without looking back. But memories are sticky things, Rooting me in place, Reminding me in chorus, Of when you said goodbye. The haunting resonance reminds: I am alone in my thoughts and in my world, Without the companion I find in you. I miss you, brother. Continue reading I miss you

Forever My Brother

This blank page reminds me, That no matter how hard I scream, My words will never bring you back to me. All I will be left with is what came before you: Empty space in your shape. You were the piece that we lost, In the chaos of our own lives, We just decided to live with the fact, That our puzzle-lives weren’t complete. “Maybe it’s supposed to look like that.” Your departure cut that conversation short. That abscesses we called happiness Festered and spread, “At least we’re happy” As if happiness is a secondary goal. You taught us calculus when we struggled with arithmetic, … Continue reading Forever My Brother

Whispers in my ear

SKM Expand, constrict. Eyes shot open. Warmth spreads, Fades with everything. Sweetly drift to oblivion. SKM There’s a dance for all the stars, In my stairwell. The moon joins, Filling the hole of emcee. Glinting off the walls, I can feel their warmth. Bathed in their light, Creeping my body closer. Denial in the form of physical resistance: Impossible. I follow in their giant footsteps, Imitating perfection, With the awkward touch of humanity. Something pulls me towards that, Which seems to push me away. SKM Nature metaphors to mask responsibility, To free the illusive from tangible. Emotions at higher frequencies, … Continue reading Whispers in my ear

Memoirs of a Messiah

I hear the voice, once again, Of that South American messiah, Hiddien underneath a hoodie, Ignoring the world with the help of music and memories less than fortunate. He’s reminding me, That’s it not so bad to open up. Some call it emotional masochism, But the same circle calls chance by a personal name. The same type of people that want to believe that their world is orderly, And more importantly, ordered by them. This is not a pain! This is not settling. This is me opening up old scabbed over wounds. Questions hurt foundations, Real questions, that is. They … Continue reading Memoirs of a Messiah

‘Conversing For The Sake of Conversing”

I borrowed a phrase, From a boy passed by time and space. It’s no ruby by itself, Only because it is his. Another soul that we could have fished out, Of that vast, deep loneliness that seems to be our scene, For this 21st century mindset. We lost an artist. We lost a mind. We lost a real soul. This is an epitaph for a man I never met, A man that never lived to be a man. This is a confession of debt: He awoke me from my confusing slumber, And cut my haze to pieces. He reminded me to unclasp … Continue reading ‘Conversing For The Sake of Conversing”