I am

I am.
You forget.
I sit.
You walk.
I see.
You listen.
I laugh.
You miss.
I cry.
You turn.
I am.
You forget.
I talk and talk.
Plead and beg.
Define and elaborate.
And you smile.
So I draw.
And you, puzzled?
So I wait.
And think.
And practice.
And a moment from death,
I have found it.
Faster now,
Purpose is near.
And you.
On the ground.
Devoid of passion.
On your knees, head bowed.

{Observations with the addition of time}
I am, disgusted with the concept of a human race.
You forget to remind yourself, that so are you.
I sit upon dreams of ivory towers.
You walk on four legs, muddy and bare.
I see the drunken stupor behind your eyes.
You listen, hears wide in front of a closed soul.
I laugh, with tears, at the departure I’m witnessing.
You miss existence’s attempt to teach.
I cry, because you’ve shown me the life before me.
You turn away evolution’s clock backwards.
I am, disgusted with my neighbors on this rock.
You forget that I’m the end.

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