He/She/It is our King/Queen/Savior!

Ahh, the bane of our progress. And yet also quite possibly the true human characteristic. Of those inclined towards Western descent. “We must journey far and long, through peril and toil, In order to find the source of all these things, Of all that is surrounding and choking our minds. That is the important bit: the center. That is what a thing truly is. Once it has been triangulated, We can erase the outer barriers from analysis. They are just a convenient mask, One which we can use to recognize this source.” They seem like children, These amateur cartographers, Rushing down chasms to find … Continue reading He/She/It is our King/Queen/Savior!

In Chase of Clouds. See also: The Fruit Turns Ashen on the Tongues of Men.

There is Truth, hidden deep within the sea of our minds, In great, billowing clouds, Rolling across the jagged rocks and imposing waves, Matching the rhythm of the tides, At the will of Luna herself: In and out, Close and far, Here and gone. We fishermen of ideas scramble, At the sight of white on the horizon. Quickly casting our hopeful hooks that mimic the shape of words, Straining ourselves with expectation that rises and falls with every coming of the tide. Raindrops shower us with pity and thunder laughs in our faces at our failed traps. Resorting to other … Continue reading In Chase of Clouds. See also: The Fruit Turns Ashen on the Tongues of Men.

I Pledge Allegiance to The United States of America. Along with Spain, Taiwan, North Korea, and any land with a human being.

The bursts of breath from God himself, Are tearing down the young mountains, Coming quickly to wrap me up. To come hold me in the night, When it’s coldest and quietest. Where my dreams have forgotten what it means to rest, I go searching for the answering light to guide me out of the plateau. I look to God, and Nature, and Lust, but all these have glazed over, Become quite dull and lackluster. So much was Man’s quest for one thing beautiful, That it degenerated into what we reluctantly call life, Through gritted teeth and a heavy heart. We … Continue reading I Pledge Allegiance to The United States of America. Along with Spain, Taiwan, North Korea, and any land with a human being.

Escape from a Deceitful World

There’s this looming sense of doom overcoming me, When i wake up early, too early for the sun to know what time it is. A feeling like my life is bounding down the sidewalk, Expertly navigating the crowds, Never disturbing a soul. I’m in a race towards death! But when I win? I lose. I’ve somehow managed to let my dreams fall by the wayside, In light of some sort of obsession with pleasure. I don’t even remember what living felt like, You know? It’s as if this were all a game, And I’m and expert player. I’ve tricked myself … Continue reading Escape from a Deceitful World

Mind Vomit: Take 14

What to do? What can we/I do? Wait, I suppose. I hate organizing a life around pivotal moments. Hate it. Life, to me, Bears the connotation of a flow. A connected history, Not blips of action arranged in a linear fashion. I want the middle. But then again, who am I to look down on this? I’m the one that has been blotting out the middle parts, Rushing to the end of those days so that I can… Wait. Is that our curse? Laze through rushing? Are we too detached to stop? It seems like we skip by things that … Continue reading Mind Vomit: Take 14

Godot: Our Beacon Ever on the Horizon

For a philosophy student to be writing on the topic of the meaning of life seems almost cliche and pretentious. Which is why it falls to me to bear the heavier weight of somehow addressing this topic while establishing some sense of credibility of why I know what life means, as a 20 year old boy, and all the while keeping the attention of my reader, by not regurgitating what others have said before me. I have to make the mesh of ideas that are already known appear new. Since my ultimate goal is clarity, as this is a philosophy … Continue reading Godot: Our Beacon Ever on the Horizon

The Water Cycle

It’s almost as if the rain was asking my permission, Lightly tapping on my shoulder, To see if it might not upset, Were it to take it’s place by my little toe. The wind came up from behind, In the manner of a true toddler, And tried, With all his might, To arrange for my embarrassing stumble. The clouds seemed less foreboding, Almost friendly, it would seem, With their soft grey eyes, looking down at you, Somehow by-stepping condescension, But thankfully, Not condensation. There’s a cycle all round, That I can’t seem to escape. I can’t seem to touch it, … Continue reading The Water Cycle