On the run

Rush through it now. Up and left, down and right. Twist, contort, heave, sigh. There’s a minefield of water droplets, speeding towards your eyes, Looking up with awe. So they only thing you’ve got to do is run. Faster than what you mean by fast, Try to outrun your scenario. This setting is filling up around you, A valley turned ocean. You gotta get out. So climb. Invade the rocks inner sanctum with your calcified daggers, Ignore the pain that comes with leaving what you know. Just. Go. It doesn’t matter where, Because the whole world’s the same. Its a … Continue reading On the run

Power play

Where to begin? The end is in sight, Tethered to some event behind the horizon I cannot focus on. The right side of a timeline is always preferable, To my fractured mind. I tell myself that the past matters too, But how, exactly? We are here, Going there, From anywhere. How is it supposed to matter that these events outside of our control, Should force our hands? To prevent mistakes? To avoid repetition, they say. But what happens when we trust the paths of other men, And ascribe them to women? Has anyone thought about the consequences? WE live in … Continue reading Power play

The Journey of a word

My Letters seem to have missed their mark, Floating by the bulls-eye, Without a first glance. They fall out of my hand and suddenly The flame of consciousness is breathed into their sails, Igniting their hulls of our ancestors, Burning away tradition and the past., Cauterizing that open wound of memory. My protests are a dance done for Homer’s Cyclops, I mimic the song of those wave-beaten sirens, To pull “my” vessels back to shore, With hope in mind and resin in hand to repair those cracks, Where the messenger boy was slipped through and swallowed by the drowning darkness. … Continue reading The Journey of a word


Hear me now: I challenge you. To rise above, to fall below. To fall into step with the mindset of the cliches, And to wear the builder’s vest, To tear down the walls of our cubicles. When you take one step left, Feel the phantom pains of the right. These examples project our presence into a world that is beyond us. They require an outside. When the key, the foundation, and all the truth, I behind the scenes, Of outside or inside. The balance that must be forged, And engineered it must be, Lies in the fundamental assumption, The key … Continue reading Balance

My Lords a’comin’

So, it seems that little lightning bug, Hiding in the cavern of my lantern, has flown off,’ To be with the summer night, To leave me alone with the painful rebirth, That only spring can bring. Where to go? Those dry paths that used to know my voice, Have been washed away and overgrown. Do I have the strength left within me to traverse the wild terrain? I am young, indeed. I should be vigorous. But I am also old. My mind has seen more, Visited more thoughts, Than most of these men crowding me could ever imagine. And that … Continue reading My Lords a’comin’

Certainly uncertain as to the path to Providence

Once again, Thor has heaved his hammer, To split us apart. You were propelled forward, Into the sun, While I took a trip down memory lane, In corporeal form. I’ve been here, More or less. More more than less. I used to live in this squalor. “You still do” These dimmed alleyways used to be my roads. “They are again” I sometimes think that perhaps I’m not supposed to be happy. Maybe I’ve created a destiny for myself, Blindly, of course, That leads me into these tenements, To find truth most unsatisfiable, By means of a journey most treacherous. Perhaps that’s a … Continue reading Certainly uncertain as to the path to Providence

Dear Major Ed Hops

For fear of sounding like a cat, Grasping at air for the sake of pleasure, I must desist. But in the honor of my craft, I must pursue the path unclear, In the face of petty judgement. “Where will you go?” ‘I hadn’t given it much thought, to be honest. I didn’t plan on having a plan. I showed up here just earlier, Sort of a surprise to myself. My feet are aching as though they’ve walked through two lifetimes, But my mind is cloudy as a child’s. I suppose I’ll go when I hear someone call me by my … Continue reading Dear Major Ed Hops