Nature’s Call (The Better Path)

It feels like I belong in France.
But of course, that’s due to the romanticism of Europe by a displaced teenager,
Surrounded on all sides by emptiness,
Save a few islands, glimmering with pristine pools of hope.
But regardless of my reasons or excuses,
I feel like I belong in France.
I’ve convinced myself that if I just get there,
My life will work itself out.
Like the soil itself has some sort of restorative property that they want to keep secret.
Am I being foolish?
I don’t think so.
You see,
America is much too young for my mental pallet.
They refuse to accept the chaos that plays too big a role in my play to simply cut out for the sake of a budget.
They are Order, Order, Order.
They seem to stop at nothing:
Lies, deceit, force, brainwashing.
All in order to convince people that we will beat Nature,
That we will overcome these limitations set in stones and rivers and gravity.
We will never overcome Nature.
It’s the equivalent of trying to outrun yourself in a race.
It is common knowledge that to deny a part of yourself leads to complications,
Psychologically, physically, existentially.
Take a look at the Catholic Church or Christianity in general’s suppressionof human sexuality.
It turned holy men into something we could hardly call men.
This suppression is a huge step towards the disconnect from Nature.
We can’t afford to ignore Nature for much longer.
It needs to overgrow our lives once more and embrace us.
How many failures will it take for people to realize that we cannot escape Nature?
Surely it shouldn’t take as long as realizing that we have nothing to fear by connecting ourself with our biological family on this remote beacon of life. First, the logical positivists failed in their crusade against the common language, and people took note (the very few people who would take note of such things as philosophy). We thought perhaps that this blind venture into an illogical injection and establishment of Order would be remembered for the future, like a great Doomsday prophet, yelling at us to stop before it’s too late. But then, economics came along in the scene of power. A pseudo-science if I’ve ever seen one, economics failed to do exactly what it was established to do, predict market trends and consumption habits, or in other words, subject that which is inherently illogical and chaotic (society) and force it into a small range of Ordered options. Perhaps we got lucky with this global recession. Maybe, just maybe people wills tart to realize the extent that we have been infected with materialism. And I’m guilty too. It’s a hard habit to kick, it’s a hard obsession to put down. But it’s necessary. In the most urgent sort of way. Our generation has no great war, per se. We have no rebellion to speak of. We are complacent screws in a machine that seems to be heading towards the edge of the precipice. So our rebeliion will be more subtle. Our War will be a quiet one at first, but no War can go unnoticed. We are fighting not only for our lives, but all lives. We are fighting for everything we have ever known. We are fighting for our most basic right: life. A war for liberty is just, but a war for life? It is everything. It consumes you. This is our last chance to make it. We’re reaching a critical point, and there’s too many people fighting for the other side, thanks to ignorance and a faulty education (True education!) system that perpetuates the system. We have to align ourselves along common values and reassault this growing problem. You may think I am overreacting; you may think this language is unnecessary. But take a good look into your neighbor’s eyes,a dn you will see the horror that inspires this militant fervor!
“Thine eyes bear no weight of a soul!”
We are dead inside!
We need doctors in this conflict, but all we’re getting is soldiers,
Sent up from the morgue called socialization.
Come with me, brothers.
Fight with me, sisters.
need your help.
I will do this by myself,
But I can’t promise success.
Take my hand,
I will lead you to a better path.
I promise.

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