I am your torch; you, my lantern

There’s a haze around me,
Of comfort, and love and drink.
“Be merry!”
They shout, scream almost.
But cordially.
So I pull out my mask,
Dusting it off before donning the screen,
And I almost get lost,
At first.
I faltered.
I almost slipped off the precipice.
But somehow,
But for the grace of Man, go I,
I succeeded.
I overcame the reoccurring battle,
I won the war.
I tamed the ocean,
The pushing,
Followed by pulling.
But I was much too wise to think that this was of my own accord,
Entirely, at least.
I know that it was you that delivered me,
And it is I that delivered you.
You pushed me into the ocean,
And I pulled you with me.
You pulled of my mask,
To better kiss me.
I took the oil from my lantern,
The one I used to light so many paths,
For so many others,
And gave half to you.
I needed someone I could trust,
To light my own path while I was lighting theirs.
Someone to share my burden,
To understand what it means to make a life.
And we come to many forks in the road indeed.
But it is a testament to our will,
Deserving of a monument.
For it would be so easy to break apart,
To try and meet again,
One might say,
But no.
We forge a new path,
Through the midnight foliage and the jeers from the wayside,
We suffer the glowing stares from the roadwalkers,
But with the two of us,
We are able to transform this pain into empowerment.
You have transformed my life.
You have redefined for me, what it means to be alive,
For there is always the addendum, of “with you”.


Will you,
Won’t you,
Say you do?
Would you,
Could you,
Be with me?
Will you,
Won’t you,
Love me too?
Would you,
Could you,
Set me free?

lovers touch
When two lovers come to be,
The event is captured,
For Father Time to see,
His entropic plan hindered,
By Love; True Eternality.

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