He/She/It is our King/Queen/Savior!

Ahh, the bane of our progress.
And yet also quite possibly the true human characteristic.
Of those inclined towards Western descent.
“We must journey far and long,
through peril and toil,
In order to find the source of all these things,
Of all that is surrounding and choking our minds.
That is the important bit: the center.
That is what a thing truly is.
Once it has been triangulated,
We can erase the outer barriers from analysis.
They are just a convenient mask,
One which we can use to recognize this source.”
They seem like children,
These amateur cartographers,
Rushing down chasms to find where Reason/God/Nature?Any-individual-and-unique-unifying-element,
To chart it’s path as proof that it’s throne among existence is privileged.
Unawares as to the effects of their innocent play.
They know not what they do nor where they tread,
But their footprints leave a more lasting impression than the Nagasaki/WTC/Holocaust photographs.
Each a giant crater in the landscape of Truth,
Out very own Human made disaster that couldn’t seem more natural.
“He/She/It is our King/Queen/Savior!
He/She/It builds our castles,
Secures our perimeters with walls thicker than our imagination.”
We used to be a community.
We used to breathe together,
And empathy was not a disease.
But then there was a great storm,
With bolts of division,
Splitting us into a gathering of islands.
We can see the shadows of our neighbors walking in their sandstone prison,
Back and forth,
Progress and regress,
Consciousness and Hyper-consciousness.
We cannot reach out towards Him/Her/It, even.
He/She/It is that horizon that never leaves,
Only hides under the blanket of night.
We push our castle closer and closer,
With great lack of speed and a bitter awareness of futility,
But with every step the horizon recoils.
Not in fear,
But with a condescending nod.

We want to make a leap, away from all the filth and boredom and triviality that surrounds our lives and gives name to our existence. We want to leap over all that to some idealized goal: Reason, God, Money, Fame. It doesn’t matter what the idea is that we center our world view around, it still has an inherent flaw within the system: that it is a system of preferences that can easily be reversed. Not can be, is, with observance. God is not inherently better than Satan, Reason is not “more true” or better than irrationality. it is because we begin these discussions under false pretenses that we will be open minded, for we have already sworn out allegiances. We have made God into Goodness, and Reason into the harder-better-faster-stronger God. This isn’t one of those things where I hope to inspire you to change your attitude or way of life. I don’t think we can. Logocentrism is Western tradition to the t.

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