Hear me now:
I challenge you.
To rise above, to fall below.
To fall into step with the mindset of the cliches,
And to wear the builder’s vest,
To tear down the walls of our cubicles.
When you take one step left,
Feel the phantom pains of the right.
These examples project our presence into a world that is beyond us.
They require an outside.
When the key, the foundation, and all the truth,
I behind the scenes,
Of outside or inside.
The balance that must be forged,
And engineered it must be,
Lies in the fundamental assumption,
The key question:
Reason or unreason?
All others fall in line behind their generals.
The key, contrary to the beliefs of our wise men,
Is not to compromise and aim for the middle,
Following the pointing finger of Aristotle.
No, no, no.
The goal, you see,
Is to live on both sides.
Here, today.
Tomorrow, there.
A week back in the Here.
And a month over there, like a vacation.
To live both lives,
Almost simultaneously.
It’s almost no secret at all, really.

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