On the run

Rush through it now.
Up and left, down and right.
Twist, contort, heave, sigh.
There’s a minefield of water droplets, speeding towards your eyes,
Looking up with awe.
So they only thing you’ve got to do is run.
Faster than what you mean by fast,
Try to outrun your scenario.
This setting is filling up around you,
A valley turned ocean.
You gotta get out.
So climb.
Invade the rocks inner sanctum with your calcified daggers,
Ignore the pain that comes with leaving what you know.
It doesn’t matter where,
Because the whole world’s the same.
Its a reset button,
For all the mistakes,
And all the good things too.
It’s up to you.
So memorize your books,
Edify your thoughts,
And just run.

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