Better Person

Have a seat.
The class will begin shortly,
And you’ll cause a disturbance.
“Excuse me, I’m not really sure whats going-”
Uh, uh, uh.
Raise your hand please.
This is a vital part of the process that is going to make you a better person.
We’re going to fix you, you know.
You won’t have anymore of these problems with feelings of emptiness,
No more nightmares of nothingness,
No more anything.
We’ve taken a step back in the field of Other People’s Lives,
To a time when the answer was as simple as science:
Remove the plagued part of the body/mind,
And the body is no longer sick.
Cut it out and patch it up.
A silent almost reminder,
If only you could just remember,
Of what used to be.
Now is not the time for memories.
We are in another age:
The Age of The Future.
With no room for loneliness at our hunger-free banquet table.
We have cured world hunger,
We have cured disease.
There are no more wars to speak of.
We have conquered the frailty of human existence.
Yet, the cool-headed bitch that we call Nature,
Will never cease to remind us of our roots.
Extracting the poison from our minds,
Left our hearts on unstable legs.
Our wall around the dark abyss that dwells,
Barely above the surface of our awareness,
Is wearing down from the torrents of the tantrums we can’t feel,
Eroded from the tears that no longer belong to us,
But flood over our scenery regardless.
This well locks away those lesser human characterisitics:
Not for long.
There’s a storm comin’ now,
And I think we’re in it’s way.

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