The Lord’ll set y’all free

Heaven is a’fallin’,

Faster than could be,

Save from gracious precipitation,

Comin’ down to surround,

Everything you’ve seen and been.

The tide keeps on risin’,

Drownin’ doubt alongside floatin’ hope,

And surely the sinners’ll sink,

Just wait and see,

How the light looks from beneath His sea.

Holy conflagration’ll lick these lands clean,

Burnin’ away the mistakes of pride,

Men have built in service of the self,

Them fools’ll flee towards the water,

Downward and wayward,

Fearin’ flames for lack of vision,

And down,



They’ll scream for freedom,

Fillin’ their lungs with that dark ichor,

That the Devil sold ’em on needin’.

But fear not, boy,

‘Cause we’ll take you by the hand,

How only a family can,

To show you the Shepherd’s way:

Towards Salvation,

Onward and upward.


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