Silent transgressions

The world’s gone,

And left us all alone,

With sinners and the saved alike.


It ain’t far from fair,

But it still doesn’t feel right,

After we gave our life to the light.


You forgave me,

So how the fuck you gonna forsake me?


I know you know I know,

You warned me,

Shouting from the hills,

Days before I was born:

I been doomed to wake,

To a world forgotten of your grace.



Goddamn, I remembered.

And it ain’t saved me from shit –

As the walls of the world collapse,

I can see your fading face less and less,

Like that mirage quickly fading.


If this is just a test,

I’m failingly flailing, Lord,

So won’t you save me from my doubt?

‘Cause it’s doubling up,

Throwing a wrenching feeling to my gut,

Grounding me when I should be sailing,

Up to you,

Wherever that may be now;

Like a blind man in the dark,

We’ll feel our path back.



If you can hear me,

Re-forgive me my transgressions;

They were mine to own,

But I can’t hold ’em no more,

And I’m asking you for help.


My faith’ll help me,

In these times of silence,

To lead me away from myself,

Stuck in this time of suffering,

And remind me of tomorrow,

Bright and waiting for promises,

Already made to my father’s Father:

‘You’ll know your way home,

Or is my name not Who Is?’



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