Faded, I dream of definition


Swampy morass seeps clouds of futility into the atmosphere,

Evidence of global warming,

A virulent heat tainted by the past,

Stains the *-scape with ichorous silence;

Birdsong replaced by the bubbling decay.

Evil Greatness compels me towards action,

Through profession or negation,

Demanding answers either way,

From a wholly transient me:

The rogue strand of hair, annoyingly subservient,

While invisibly separate.

I stand, unanswering,

To the cacophony of overlapping echoes the Abyss flings back:

“Why, who, where, when, what”

I side-step the intersection of committal and consequence beautifully,


With practiced ambivalence masquerading as confidence.

Startled, I awake from monochrome nightmares,

I pinch my cloudy arm,

Uncommitted to existence,

Hopefully Woefully,

“I’m awake?”


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