The Pursuit (For Unity)

It’s all around me.
And ergo entrenched.
Wild eyes are grasping for the door.
I take a step.
But I’m not moving.
It is.
This room isn’t a room.
It’s the spectrum of my consciousness.
The range of my mental processes.
It’s with me everywhere I go.
A window that anticipates my movement.
But I’m not lost.
Try and look away from the window.
Good luck getting back.
You’ll forget who and where you are, staring at nothing at all.
You think you can handle nothing like it’s nothing?
Time to move forward.
Open the door with your stream of focus.
And as your mental eyes meet the door’s projection,
It clicks.
It exists.
Pull the next scene towards you.
Closer, closer, closer.
Here we are.
The doorstep has arrived at us .
We reach towards the door,
Pulling it at the same time.
“Am I ready?”
Shake it off.
Step into the hall,
With the words of our forefathers echoing…
We, the people of the Intellectual Plateaus, find this truth to be self evident: That a moment of doubt is more meaningful than a lifetime of certainty. The propaganda of the power-driven mad men has led our language to suggest there must be a purpose to life, or lest it be not worth living. And in every attempt to show what this purpose may be, the ‘true answer’ becomes apparent: That the meaningless of life is the purpose of human life as we can rightly call it. With the replacement of ambiguity into certainty, life loses hope in itself. With an end, life no longer can be called life, but simply a method. It is then, our duty to prevent the murder of the human race.
With our lives, we fight for life!

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