‘It’s time.’
I raise my head.
Sit up.
Shoes on.
Laces tied.
Clear my head, of smog and thoughts.
‘You go West’
Says the voice, opening the door.
I stare out,
Covered eyes.
I sigh.
Here we go.
Left foot, right.
Left foot, right, stumble, right.
Heat is breaking me down.
Why is there no one around?
How long have I been in this place?
I remember a time before this,
When I could relax and enjoy.
Sit and wait.
I gave it up, didn’t I?
I cut that Fate’s string prematurely,
Jumped to an adjacent one.
Now I’m here.
Shake my head,
Fuck the past.
Where am I going?
Oh yeah.
To meet a man.
Not a man.
A Human.
A Human with the answers.
The Human will teach me the secret.
Not to a long life,
Or how to be prosperous,
But how to live at all.
This Sun must hate me,
The way it beats down on my body and mind.
I don’t know why, though.
Maybe this is just the feeling of being full of life to the brim.
Too much.
So much, you’re in danger of exploding.
So full.
Nomos, where is The Human?!
This journey feels never ending.
Must I walk to the ends of this world to find the secret?
Then so it shall be.

This Journey is one of solitude. No leaders, no followers, except yourself.

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