It’s getting colder.
You can make fog with your breath!
The sun is peeking out over our hills, wondering if we’re ready yet.
Good question.
Is it time yet?
Are we ready? Again?
We figured out the world so long ago,
So many times.
We think a week is something greater than it’s parts, that a day is longer than a moment.
Which may be true…
But who’s to know?
The best we have, and it certainly deserves the title,
is a sequence of moments.
Nothing more.
But then again, how could we ask for more?
How do you ask for more than everything?
More than existence?
There is, contained within each moment, an entire potential for new life, and when these moments are opened up to our minds, this potential is actualized in the certain way the ties the moment to us; makes it our moment. Every experience changes your life, certainly. So what’s with this fixation on a singularity referred to as a ‘life’? You’re talking nonsense, trying to reach around all of existence and tickle God until he lets you in. Come on, now.
There’s the sun.
Gotta run.

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