Addicted to you,
Take another hit of your scent;
Can’t let you go,
With your summer-house in my remembrance.
Claw my way back through teeth and taste,
Into your guarded kingdom.
Push me away,
So I can convince you to come with me.
No permission to steal away,
Into what used-to-be solitude,
With a ghost observer, auric-perfumed,
Always on my heels-looming-overhead.
The dream-land of architect-I,
Has bowed to the new king,
Of a journey towards the intangible,
Unearthing graves of past selves buried,
Archaeologist-I un-embeds the fortifications,
Laid down in fear of skeletons,
And find the smell of re-animation,
Sickly sweet.
Breathe it in.

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