Lover, Light the Way

Lover, my lover,
Can I call you such?
Do I have your permission to dismiss,
Your birth born title that does no justice,
And replace it with my private whisper,
That both screams my thanks at existence,
And begs time to stand still?

Lover, my lover,
Come close and remember not to stop,
From fear of getting lost.
For I will hold the night at bay,
As an aphroditic Atlas,
With stead-fast shoulders,
Keeping you ever under my gaze.

Lover, my lover,
You can never leave me,
By the gift of Father Time’s compass,
The lines of our boundaries were crossed,
And our ink has blended,
Taking me along with you,
Carrying you wherever I go.

Lover, my lover.
Can my eyes deceive me?
I thought my path deserted,
When I woke in the night to empty arms.
But now, once again,
I have a face to live up to my memory,
Of how much more beautiful the past always was.
Take the step onto my road now,
While I side-step to yours,
So we can navigate the difference,
Smelling of the ink that calls you by your name.
Our paths have gravitated,
Back to where they belong,
Leading me to the myself lost:
You, lover, my lover.

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