Kiss Me, Kill Me

Kiss me, kill me,
Lips so poison-sweet,
Stealing my soul with sharp intake.
The scent of hemlock seduces,
Calls to attention my attention,
Focused forward towards you.
Gaze cast downward,
Nervous in the face of my mortality,
The anxiety that presents itself through twitches,
Seizures and transformation of dreams into real-stuff.
Grab me close,
Symmetrical gazes,
And pull me closer,
Tearing away the walls that form out of time,
And too little change.
Closer than me and you,
A singularity.
But night comes,
Drowning out the hysteric pleas for more time,
That shout through longing,
Slipping in-between the sharing of a moment.
I feel the distance push between us,
Leaving me with the slow burning ghost,
Of hemlock perfume and bittwersweet lips.

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