Je ne sais pas.

Is it enough?
Is it too much?
Where do we go from here?
There’s so many paths for me to take,
To follow,
To pull others with me.
Options, experiences, time.
Je ne sais pas.
I’m starting my life all over,
Every day.
Reading the history book,
“I think we’ll stay on this path.
This one’s got to go, though.”
Just like that.
That future is murdered.
Shut down, and not for construction.
It is the order of the Great Mind that we forget!
Every cell of my body has to submit?
My taste for Revolution follows the trail to the molecular level.
I want to secede!
I want unity!
I’m torn, undecided.
Je ne sais pas.
Is this the moment of clarity?
Socrates, you bastard ;).
You caught everyone in your trap.
“I know only that I do not know”
I call bullshit.
Show me your cards.
Now is the deciding factor:
Do I take his wisdom?
Do I have to pick it up and add it to my hand, to try and make sense of these numbers?
Or is this the Rebellion I’ve been waiting for?
The usurpation of a deceitful king of the Wise?
Je ne se pais.
“Trop heureuse pour être peureuse”

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