We are the Rebellion

The ambiguity of our parent’s lives,
The blind faith towards a ‘better life’,
The men atop mountains, calling for disciples,
to follow them to answers.
These spheres of other people’s lives are pushing in.
We Refuse.
We Refute.
We Rebel.
With truth as ammunition and our minds the weapons of choice,
We secede.
In plain sight.
We are the mental minions of ideals long past from these lands.
You are pushing us down, down and out.
But we adapt.
We Evolve.
We are the Rebellion.
We paint our lives into masterpieces, with time as our canvas,
Experience will be our medium.
We shall lead the people to a better life not through emotional language,
But by example and inspiration.
We know the secrets that keep the power in the hands of the few.
It is time to free the beast that is the human race.
We Blindfold the prophets,
We Burn the tethers of our past,
We Banish forever apathy from our hearts and vocabularies.
Open your heart to me and yourself and everything between.
Let not God push your fate down the right path,
But open your eyes instead, and see the paths that end in the same place.
We are the Rebellion.
And we shall not be quelled by time, nor pressure, nor complacency.
We shall spread our passions and virtues to the children of the future,
We shall breed ideas,
Form alliances within schools of thought,
In order to protect our mental sovereignty.
We Engrave our souls into the future, through people.
We shall Enlist soldiers from every facet of life, for this is truly a war of the people.
We are Everlasting.
We figured out the system,
And we’re waiting,
Corrupting the youth with the words of Socrates,
Turning people from their parents sphere of fear.
We shall re-inject the beauty that is an essential part to life!
We are here,
To Love.
To Live.
To reclaim our Land, our properties made of our mentalities.
We are the Rebellion.
Nothing will stop us.

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