I saw a girl today

I saw a girl today,
With golden hair,
And a matching stare.
Outlined with shinings of the sun,
Her smile achieved what artists had never done:
She taught me to accept companionship,
And send desires of embrace through my mind, soul and lips.

I missed a girl today.
She simply wasn’t there.
Thanks to a life of acting, I pretended not to care.
With questions weighting my soul,
I began to feel life’s suffering take its toll.
My heart longed for a chance to race,
Yearned for a glimpse of her sun-framed face.

I saw a girl today,
With beauty radiating,
That warms my heart strings.
Realization came with a smile and an epiphany:
That beauty is an addiction to you and me.
But I catch myself from worthless thinking and vicious spinning,
And so, this sun-eyed girl will find me an addict willing.

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