Weight of the World

It seems, you’re falling apart and away,
From too much pushing on your soul, no doubt.
But this is the disease of men far greater and stupider than myself,
Life itself.
And it seems this holds farther and deeper than I thought.
The truth is?
I’m staring at the world through eyes that don’t mean a damn thing.
And I won’t exist in the sense that it matters,
Except through all of you.
You have my face and I want it,
Even though it won’t happen.
Will we make it at all?
There’s no need to talk that way.
We’re moving,
Maybe in place,
But people keep misinterpreting what it means to mean.
Heh, our lives are one sordid mess.
And we laugh to push the tears out of sight.
We could try and remember how we got here,
Maybe ask for directions,
But the weight of the world keeps pushing us down and down and down.
And so we close our eyes,
Just for 5 more minutes,
And it’s all gone.
No more weight,
Or tears,
Time, or life.
Do we lose?
It doesn’t feel like it, thats for damn sure.
All we can feel is that immense transcendence of nothingness.

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