Time for a dance, it seems

And in such an illuminating time,
A somber character ambles in;
Sorrow, announced by winds of despair of misfortune.
What a presence she commands.
She’s asking for a dance, dear.
And you’ll have trouble saying no.
Tears, they’re coming for sure.
And your heart won’t hold the weight.
Don’t you dare confuse strength for apathy, though.
This is a wake up call,
At the worst time for a child.
You’re grounded now,
Finally seeing my world.
And it’s gonna hurt so much worse.
Which is almost too high a price for perception.
If you understood the future, and what that means,
You’d be fine.
But you’re grounded, unable to spread your wings into the mountains of minds.
And the future is too far away to see through salt water.
Dance some time away.
Just remember,
This is your falling,
Your calling,
The beginning and eternity of you.

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