We’re waiting.
And watching.
And whoring,
Silently accusing ourselves through faces unfamiliar.
And we’ll write our lives, you bet,
Mail them to people we’ve never met.
All the while, with a cold, frozen smile.
Reminding us that we’re not getting away.
Not that easy.
Nothin’ comin’.
Nothin’ quick.
Nothin’ slow.
Just another day to go,
Another day to wait.
And by God, we’ll ship our souls in boxes and bags, and not for free,
Across seas and worlds and times just to share our insanity.
Our tears and tears, which is to say our water and rips,
Existing as a quiet reminder,
We’re never getting off.
Not that way.
Not today.
Not with you as our key witness,
Not even when we can stand for ourself.
It’s just a reminder.
Just a reminder.
Like a mirror.

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