And time seems to eerily ebb and flow

“From such a young age, it was evident that the subject in question was starting off with a disadvantage in social situations. Not a handicap as one might imagine, but rather, this was more of a willful re-targeting of the subject’s pursuits and drive. The social arena was not one that appealed to the subject, and due to such disinterest, was not introduced to the proper facilities of socialization that are required for functionality in an adult world. When the subject was confronted in an more intimate setting, the passivity and absence (of what we could call the human condition) detected in subject’s eyes disappeared. Instead, a passion burned throughout it’s body that caused the controlled variant to deviate off the prearranged conversation topics. What was observed was quite similar to mind control, but more than that. Instead of forcing a free-agent to act according to the subject’s will, the controlled variant willfully changed it’s rational direction. The importance of such a discovery, is the fact that this instance very well may be the first encounter of true, total communication. The subject did not become violent or physical in any point throughout the observation, but rather seemed to deteriorate it’s outer shell in an attempt to produce a mirrored response from the controlled variant. Today, we have made men proud by unearthing the, quite easily, most important factor of human history: the human soul.”

I wasn’t there one day.
That’s it.
That’s all that happened.
I don’t know what else to tell you.
I was there most of my life,
And then one day,
I just wasn’t.
It was sort of like watching a train, really.
For a brief moment,
The train captures everything in it’s path.
While it exists within your presence,
You don’t matter.
The train is, and all must observe.
But then,
It’s gone.
Like it never happened.
No remnants or evidence it was ever there,
Except for some battered, old tracks,
Fading to nowhere and halfway to everywhere.
I still don’t understand what the big deal is.
I didn’t do anything immoral.
I mean, did I?
This was free will at its best.
And who are you to tell me my life path is lesser in some way than yours?
You can’t justify that,
So I really can’t listen.
I don’t have the time.
I get where you’re coming from.
I really do.
But I can’t support it.
Just can’t go along.
You’re wrong.
And that’s all there is to it.
It’s hard to swallow,
I know.
I’ve certainly been there.
The realization of ignorance is a dark, deserted plain.
Nothing to guide you out,
And time seems to eerily ebb and flow.
But it gets better.
Trust me.
There are plenty of lantern-bearers,
Scavenging the darkness for a new recipient of their flame.
And they will guarantee that you are fit to bear it.
Time is on our side,
I promise.
We got caught up in thinking life was a race,
And now we’re really fucked.
Our perception is all misaligned and out of focus.
No wonder life seems so gray and sad,
Because you’re not even seeing life.
Now think.
But not just as who you think you are.
We’re instinct more than anything,
So for the love of the generations before you,
Which is to say you,
Let go.
I’m no prophet.
Certainly no savior-related agenda here.
I’m not even doing this for you.
I’m doing this for the most selfish reasons I’ve seen.
I don’t like who you are,
Because you want to kill me.
So I’m here,
To perfect your system, use it against you, and destroy every bad thought the human race has decided to keep.
Lofty, you think?
But I’m not worried.
I’m not thinking on anywhere close to a lifetime scale.
We’re talking generations.
Of me.
And you.
But only you after me.
I’m leaving my mark here.
Because, well, I love my life.
More than anything I’ve ever felt.
More powerful than lust that has erupted in my youth,
More overwhelming than the sadness that has plagued my mind.
And the way I see it is,
If I can look at my existence with such reverence and satisfaction,
I’ve got to be doing something right.
And this is all I’m ever going to have.
So it’s past the point of embracing,
And on to the task of spreading.
My soul,
My body,
And my experiences.
And you might not be here afterward,
But be my guest to resist.

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