Time flying, now.
Whirlwinds of happening.
It’s easy to get lost.
We’re dead before we focus our eyes.
Almost to that point.
We’re so close.
We’ve caught God in our peripheral.
But not enough.
So we give up?
Glancing up,
You’ll see it.
God himself,
Sittin’ in the clouds.
Just smilin’.
You’ll finally hear it.
That chorus of angels, laughing.
St. Peter and his monkey just giggling the whole time.
What’s happening, you’ll almost wonder.
But you’ll see me.
And you’ll know.
Youll hear my words.
Youll finally see my soul.
You’ll see the joke reality just played.
“All the people you knew were the actors”
Ha ha.
But not so happy.
We’re laughing,
To drown out the tears.
But don’t.
Those tears aren’t worth it.
It’s a misinterpretation.
This isn’t sadness.
This is God’s gift.
This, kids, is our chance.
And after all,
“It all will fall, fall right into place.”
And Lord knows, I’m not here to trick people into trying to change that.

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