Brother’s Keeper

Flash-freeze my brothers’ smiles,
Paint them on my skin,
With their teeth biting down,
Tearing through my ramparts,
Inside-out and all fucked up.

I let you in my house,
Wrapping you in pithy pity,
Exploding from my impression,
Expertly hidden with sleight-of-emotion,
No one watching the wiser.

Tattoo the world’s taboos deep,
Right behind the eyelids,
Letting me take the hit,
So your sad-sopping sorrow can sleep intact.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité, but not for you.

Time waited for you,
Without allowing me the same grace.
My child-soul fled under cover of night,
Lost to me and me too: lost.
And so I chained yours down.

Outside-in and all fucked up,
I broke the force that holds my spine,
Above the self-imagined masses,
Invaded your castle and poisoned your meal;
A chancellor for all time in your own ghost.

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