Liminal Limbo

Here we go,
Across the world,
Holding onto hope.
Roll off the beaten path,
And get stuck inbetween:
Liminal limbo.
Glass golems machinate,
From a remote mentality,
Centrally located,
Moving legs in step with the (heart)beat,
The circadian rhythm  of the apathetic mover,
Downbeats for the footsteps of a translucent army,
Marching pasth the path that diverts,
Into the Black Forest,
Shadows softly eclipsing my celestial oculi,
Safely resigned to the duty of observer.
The past passes my watchtower,
Quickly followed by the right-now.
My gaze penetrates the veil,
Arriving on the other side,
Already ahead of the armies,
Seeing straight through their totality,
Into the anomaly with the strings in hand.
Now, a questions arises:
To act?
The First question,
Atop my tower, the plague of uncertainty,
Casts a gloom over the comforting darkness,
Immobilizing me with a reminder,
That there is no answer,
Only a chasm that swallows my expectations of an echo.
The mirrors goose-step on,
Over the cliffs on behalf of their Last Cause,
Pulling down the clouds as they fall,
Instinct impossible to override.
So I move on,
Across the world,
Laying stones on the edge of another path,
Lying in wait.

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