Infamy is the Fastest Path to Immortatlity

Demigods lurk among us,
Deities disguised as servants,
To the Father of Change.
They pull the clasp on their mortal-colored cloaks,
Stopping short the inquisitions of God-guided glances;
The curiosity of eternality.
Filtered through time-locked windows.
But even gods cannot escape all prisons,
Especially when Kronos forges the cage from his certainty,
Holding his children with forceful love,
Surrounding them on all sides,
With woven histories of beauty.
Craftily covering port-holes full of long-lost-land.
And even gods cannot hold cosmic winds still,
Letting bolts of life-ning slip through his grasp,
Flashing the plan before his Children’s eyes,
Kronos’ dark thunder rolls.
Washing away the hegemony of the jealous patriarch,
Sublimity overcomes the self-aware mortality,
Pushing against the walls of absurdity,
The equal force of response to a universal apathy.
Prisons fade on the horizon,
Reins fall from the kings clutches; tattered.
We have at the same time,
Received our freedom in the smoke of a firing squad,
And sentenced our descendants to debtors prison.
Time-pressed tailors hem the leather soul-strings,
Pulling with hatred not yet regretted,
Unearthing mountains from the graveyards:
At all costs: make your mark.

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