Alphabet of Alliteration or (Civil War)

An ambiguous army of apostles
Breaks barriers of brick and bone,
To claim controversial kings as
Deities destined to destroy
Eternally employed enemies of entropy.
Freedom finds its fitting form in
Ghastly giants of grotesque growth,
Holding heroic hopes as holy,
Instead of employing interred ideas of intent.
Jeers jar our jaded judgments of jewels,
Causing canonical killers to claim kin as conquests.
Lovers lie longingly in lustful leaps,
Mortared to the mistakenly motivated moment.
Nearby, nefarious knights kneel to Nox
Openly offending ordinary opinions of “ought”.
Permissible, perhaps, in the privacy of a person’s palace.
Quintessential quiescence quells the Queen,
Returning reason to the rebellious races.
Slowly sorrow seeped through their senses,
Tying tyrants and tormented together,
Unraveling usual understandings of assumed unbelievers.
Villain’s vicissitude re-veals venerable vivacity,
Weeping within walls of “wisdom”.
Xenocide through Xanax from xeric-hearted fools.
Yet young hope yawns; awake.
Zeitgeist rides in the hearts of newborn zealots, to the Zenith.

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