‘Conversing For The Sake of Conversing”

I borrowed a phrase,
From a boy passed by time and space.
It’s no ruby by itself,
Only because it is his.
Another soul that we could have fished out,
Of that vast, deep loneliness that seems to be our scene,
For this 21st century mindset.
We lost an artist.
We lost a mind.
We lost a real soul.
This is an epitaph for a man I never met,
A man that never lived to be a man.
This is a confession of debt:
He awoke me from my confusing slumber,
And cut my haze to pieces.
He reminded me to unclasp my eyelids,
So as to look inward and out.
He reminded me of me.
This is a commendation,
For his achievement of immortality of the mental breed,
Though lacking in the corporeal.
It’s time for me to wake up.

This is for you, Vinicius Gageiro Marques; Yoñlu. May the world meet you again. We would only be so lucky to have you come aboard.

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