Dark-ness of the Cave

Wasn’t there supposed to be some sort of warning,

A beacon breaching the shadows conspicuously,

Calculated carefully to avoid chances of obscuration,

Letting us know what and where we were to beware?

Instead, we have an uneducated expedition into,

What can only be described as a dangerous dreamland,

Forfeiting their freedom unfairly,

In pursuit of a passion so base it could be called greed,

But wasn’t so clear cut as to be so summated in a name;

We only knew it as a faint beckoning from out there,

From a destiny in need of a debtor,

Whom yearned for a life beyond their and any means.

This damned cave is getting darker by the day,

With the shadows so clearly outlined at the beginning,

Now melded into the very fabric of all I can’t see.

I suspect Nassar will break soon –

Already I have heard him crying in his sleep,

Lamenting the loss of Jeholm almost certainly,

Grief caused by himself and his guilty conscience.

He slipped already when he let the Darkness in long enough,

To loose Jeholm from his bond.

My hope is that we will soon follow,

If God is merciful enough to grant me the strength.

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