the Riches of Kings Offend: III

That night crept up like any other,

Lazily looking for something to happen,

/Careful what you wish for/

And ended all others.


At the hand of that damn fool Chance,

The world slid off its tracks,

To run right into us.


His Holy barricade shot up,

In time to pause,

And pull you away,

To a solitude of safety.

But I could not bear witness,

From poor eyesight and distance alike.

I stood stranded,

With you displaced from home,

I found myself alone and

I broke.

Sorrow had sunk his fangs expertly,

As if with newfound knowledge,

Through my shield of a shoddy blend of apathy and cynicism:

That piercing and promised pang found its mark.


On that night, my hardened heart melted,

At the loss of a companion whose caliber


Is the stuff of legends.

Though my soul aches at the sound,

I can hear you echoing inside,

When my-self erupts in joy,

As a testament to life itself,

Bellows forth and makes those wealthy in spirit,

Who listen.


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