The Beginning has no End

Kid died today.

Maybe he earned it,

But Hell knows if it’s deserved.

Boy didn’t take it well,

And Son,

Bore the burden like a father:



With the sun bearing down.

Daring formerly shaded sons,

To moonlight as vindicators;

As God’s own arm of justice,

Their aim could only be true.

But I’ll be damned,

If  the message wasn’t missed.


Yea the kinder cried,

When asked to harvest,

What contempt their forefathers had sowed,

As was their duty,

Demanded by honor,

For the children and ancestors alike;

Transgressions transcend generations,


So that we might know ourselves,

Shaped by who we are not,

Before we’re anyone.



Inspired by Shotgun Stories starring Michael Shannon.

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