Winter descends on the wind of night,
Freezing time-drops awfully still,
Yearning for the melting escape.
The diamond-kingdom holds its breath,
Waiting for the return of His Majesty,
Hoping to catch the glint of a welcoming glance,
Forgetting the ice-coat that hides the moments away,
Throwing up a wall between in- and out- side.
Time-scenes slip against each other,
Fighting the primordial-energy urge,
To cross the memory-lines,
Of this-rather-than-that,
That cut bricks out of clouds.

Shiver-cold slides down mountainsides,
Divinely ordained to set the standard,
Oh how-things-are-to-be,
For this sliver of stretched-out forever.
Here-and-now becomes the canvas for infinity,
Cool palate of the cosmos seeps over the pointed-fingers,
Palsied from freezing-frozen nerve-wracking time-stop,
Painting mistakes with an artisan’s perfection.

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