Meteors streak across the sky,
Predetermined arcs dropping farther and faster,
Than coincidence could allow.
Orbs of earth joust with the atmosphere,
Challenging the matriarchy,
Preying on her vassals.
Greek firedrops fall from the sky,
Stars intruding onto the silverscreen.
Grateful tears spread the burn,
Like a cleansing flood.
Extraterrestrial worlds crash down,
Breaking the Promethean bonds,
And subterranean pillars alike.
Down and out,
Freedom reigns in the fiery rain,
That cleanses the scene frozen in mid-thought.
Space invades,
Where things-used-to-be,
Leaving holes in the shapes of souls.
Nowhere to go but everywhere,
The singularity of existence envelops,
Past and future,
Gift-wrapped in a present suited for a God.

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