No “New” Moon for me, thankyouplease

I left that fire behind me.
Turned on my heels and ran, ran straight away.
But it left me with a kiss or two.
I cursed the Sun,
For reproducing so irresponsibly,
And waited for my Moon to come,
and smooth out the wrinkles.
She crept up,
Lying with her quaint one-inch steps,
But arriving just on time.
You can hear the fire crying;
The Sun is pouting around the bend.
My ears are pressed too close to hear,
Anything besides my lover-dear.
Our time is so limited,
Half of what we need;
You have to make it count past the point of counting.
Funny thing is, though?
You can’t hold too tight,
Or her clasutraphobia kicks in,
Psycho- and onto- logically.
Our minds/hearts against our body/pasts.
Too many people err on the side of caution,
And what a reckless error that is!
We’ve a history to lead us away from repeating bad habits!
They convinced us though,
Or deceived rather,
That new always means better.
They switch out their Moon’s quicker than you could slap them.
So no thanks.
I’ve got a pretty good feeling that I’m on the right path,
Thanks to my midnight Illuminator.

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