Necessity (Or Love of Children)

There’s so much noise around me,
Reaching out, clawing at me,
Greedily throwing me to the clouds,
So I might pull them up.
Shake it off.
I’m here for a reason.
There’s a method here.
A reason to my rhyme,
Though it’s long before its time.
Shouting, claws reappearing.
Beggining, demanding, hoping.
Shut up!
You’ll ruin it all,
Crash down this castle from the inside,
This castle for you all.
Providence for the patient, no?
Now I can work.
Perfect my system.
Pulling the strings that lead me/us to our salvation, our freedom!
This can’t be right…
Frantic searching, ending with nothing to hold.
There has to be a way,
Some alternate path.
“There is no other method to achieve victory”.
This is my burden now.
This is my fault.
The price I pay for playing on the emotions of heartless men.
Oh, but if only I had a little longer,
Just a little longer to grow them all hearts.
To plant my seeds behind their thick ribs.
Finally, after tears and fury; clarity.
This is…
An inescapable grave that I have dug myself.
“Take me, you fools! But praise God that He bestows upon you the strongest form of ignorance to blind you from yourselves in this state! The moment one of you looks through my eyes, unto this crowd before me, you will see the motivation. Spill my blood, and let it wash away these Beasts and make room for the New Humanity!”

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