Lend me your eyes, as if you haven’t yet

Laugh out loud,
We’re glancing at the world,
With tears in our eyes.
No wonder we have found this life so hard,
When we put an ocean between us an them.
Mind you, now;
This is no propaganda for life.
Life is not inherently valuable.
At least,
Your’s isn’t.
To me.
I don’t mean to be mean.
After all,
Those words belong to you too.
I’m saving us the trouble of talking, really.
That’s all I do.
Speak for everyone.
So they don’t have to mess up.
I’m objectifying you.
I can’t see you as you-are-to-be.
Seems to be the trend, though doesn’t it?
Even then,
Trend doesn’t connotate quite right.
To be honest,
I guess we’d have to see this sad fact as pre-existing conditions that command us, and conquer us.
Laugh out loud,
I’m spiraling down,
Just looking at these words.
Because they’re not right.
Not at all.
But it’s all I know.
Is it strange that we look towards the future, under the lense of achievement and happiness at once, that we find ourselves as being-in-itself?
Which is to say, stuck.
These lives I’ve seen reek of bad faith.
Mine included.
Does this make me greater?
The fact that I can see?
That all I can do is see?
Laugh out loud,
I don’t think so.
But I could get you to think so.
Let’s not worry about that, though.
Not for a long time.
Not now.
This confusing?
Am I confusing?
Can you ever understand me?
I swear to God and Nature it’ll be impossible to figure out who Iam.
I don’t have enough focus or mind for facticity.
I’m too much becoming.
Too much change.
‘Too much change’.
Don’t worry.
I’ll be different tomorrow.
Cold, still.
A pair of eyes.
Deep down, though,
Maybe not even that deep,
But certainly subterranean from your viewpoint,
I’m gone.

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