I need to see you see me

Time to stretch and time to shine.
Wake up!
We’re here and ready to change that.
We finally hit our perfection.
That ideal we’ve been chasing down;
We ran time,
Ran it right into the ground.
Turns out,
Our worries are flammable.
Which takes a lot of worry off.
We’re floating now,
Following familiar tracks,
With new turns always around the corner.
Laugh out loud.
Sad thing is,
We’ve got life in the bag.
All figured out,
Pushing mysteries out like unwanted children.
But, life got us in the end.
It set up a stage that makes all sorts of distances look good.
“What a flawless design”
We’re going for the gold,
But the past is shining something awful.

Look through me.
Gaze past this wall,
These justifications that keep me going.
Objectify me.
I need to see you see me,
To remind me,
That I’m too far away.
That I’m going too fast for my body.
For my past.
And I need to take a breath.
And slow down,
I think I’m falling in love,
Heh, but my past keeps yelling at my mind.
Reminding me, I’ve always been alone,
And by God, that’s how things’ll stay!
So, life becomes a challenge?
A struggle for power?
For responsibility?
For will?
Then I accept.
Meet me at forever,
And we’ll draw our pistols slowly,
But certainly surely.
We will settle this matter,
For once and eternity,
So it may be seen,
That you do not see me.
You do not know me.
You do not hate me.
But you can feel the love bubble inside you,
When you see me see you.

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