I miss you

Now that you’re gone, Extracted from my life, You’d think it’d be easy to move on. Easy to cut the ties, And look ahead without looking back. But memories are sticky things, Rooting me in place, Reminding me in chorus, Of when you said goodbye. The haunting resonance reminds: I am alone in my thoughts and in my world, Without the companion I find in you. I miss you, brother. Continue reading I miss you

Insomnia as Astronomy

Insomniacs find solace at dawn, With the astral firework Celebrating their triumph over the natural urge Towards the deadening of the unnatural mind. We have fought back the tides of fatigue To attempt a clearer understanding Through hazy mind Of our entrusted domain. We are the gatekeepers, Having sacrificed the sweet temptation That less-lived men call dreams In favor of  a seemingly eternal time share. Fear of oblivion and the seduction of mirage-truths Call us into the starry sanctum Wrapping a dark blanket of eternity Around our uninterrupted timeline of self. Continuity serves as the cure For the rampant virus Of compartmentalizing Day … Continue reading Insomnia as Astronomy

Forever My Brother

This blank page reminds me, That no matter how hard I scream, My words will never bring you back to me. All I will be left with is what came before you: Empty space in your shape. You were the piece that we lost, In the chaos of our own lives, We just decided to live with the fact, That our puzzle-lives weren’t complete. “Maybe it’s supposed to look like that.” Your departure cut that conversation short. That abscesses we called happiness Festered and spread, “At least we’re happy” As if happiness is a secondary goal. You taught us calculus when we struggled with arithmetic, … Continue reading Forever My Brother

If Loving You is Wrong

I know, That I don’t wanna do this. Get caught up in the rush, Of sludge towards the sewer. I’ll have to refuse and refute, The value in sub-par and subterranean  real estate alike. I breathe in the smog, That everyone assures me is benign, Choking on the darkness injected that swirls, Round my center, Pumping poison to my entirety. Fighting against the hate wave, Evaporating any chance my oasis-laced visions had, Fleeing with the steam from the pride tattooed, Branding the lost, Advertising ignorance like a cologne. The humid scented air squeezes, Forces out the confession that ties, Me to those I … Continue reading If Loving You is Wrong

Freedom Isn’t Free (Homogeneity Well-Attained)

The storm jars me from my slumber, My hibernation that knows no beginning, Ended in a jolt, With thunderous applause, The universe commending me on achieving the most basic of tasks: I woke up. Envy looks out through me, Catching a glimpse of the bars for the first time, Tightly pressing against my chest, Holding back the magnetic attraction to the outsider, The wild and vibrant ghost of a man, Unaware of the concrete confines that make up the landscape, Unapologetic, he refreshes his veins with his personal blend, Of Not-Quite-Truth serum. His ghastly form shimmers, Starts to disappear, Snaps … Continue reading Freedom Isn’t Free (Homogeneity Well-Attained)

To Shape is to Sin

So we drink, To forget the Sun, In hopes that it might not rise again. With the night comes clarity, A luminous bath, Washing away the scars and imperfections, Scorched into the Earth. Blinded no more, We can finally see, With drunken double vision comes twice the truth; We are Nocturnal. Having turned our backs on our truer selves, We have opted into the ocular vasectomy, Staring straight into the blazing fire of erasure, We accept the trade of affirmation for negation; A one-sided deal but one that we relentlessly demanded. “Please Lord, Help me forget to shape, But have … Continue reading To Shape is to Sin


So, seeing as this is properly a philosophy and art blog, I feel compelled to bring about the most obvious question for this scene: what is the proper medium for discussing philosophy?  I can accept that there are different channels for different branches, but then the question just arises as many times as there are distinct branches of philosophy. Because, truth be told, Kant doesn’t do it for me.  Sure, his work is brilliant, and his logic is sound, but the way he discusses it and presents it lends itself to only the higher echelons of society’s understanding.  And is that … Continue reading Ethics