I wish I could forget losing you

I’m trying to remember how to forget,

How it feels to have lost you,

So that I can transport back to time,

When I took for granted,

The quickness of closeness,

And held you so casually,

Like there could never be a cause for casualty.

It’s only been half a year since you left,

But its all I can see,

In every memory of what we used to be,

I can only see the lack.

No fear of tomorrow when we were together,

Only the promise of the present,

Stretching out past any imagined limit,

Obscuring the absurd horror lying in wait;

With tendrils already ready to take you from us,

These wretched mortal husks,

Plagued by the remembrance of everything we have lost,

Through our own fingertips,

Well within our control,

To the collateral damage from the sands of time,

Falling as they will,

Well without our hope.

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