Familiar foreign phrases

“The real folk blues,
I just want to know real sadness
A life spent soaked in the muddy river’s not so bad
If it’s over after one go-round”

-Yūho Iwasato, lyricist of The Real Folk Blues



The remaining  grace of entirely,

More or less,

Human construction which sees me,

And for me like a guide-dog,

Comes in the form of familiar foreign phrases,

Ferreting their way through time and space,

Accompanied by coincidence,

To find me when I needed them most:

Lifetimes away from the people surrounding me,

Rolling my dumb rock up a mute hill.

But with the words come the winds,

Of a change in perspective that can only come from without,

To illuminate the valley the lie in silent waiting,

For me to notice it,

Rather than the peak I would not,

And could not,

Ever see.

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