Could you love me forever?

Could you maybe just,

For the first of first times,

Fucking leave it and me alone,

Like I’ve always asked,

In my most sincerely angry displays,

So I can breathe long enough,

To remember what I am,

Reduced to without you.


Could you please, please mean,

When you say we have to,

That we might not need to,

And instead let the cutting curses we cast,

Fade into the forgetful fog of this night,

Helping us to hope for a harm-free morn,

Just like the last time,

But hopefully not for the last time.


Could you believe me when I tell you,

I’m not going to be whole without you.

With you will go the best of me,

While I’ll be stuck with the worst of you,

Lodged in my throat.

You’ll leave the me and us you claimed via love but,

You’re going to take me with you:

‘Till death do us part.




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