Someones been sleeping in my head and he’s still there

That glint in your eyes,

Dancing with passion,

Screaming out quietly and quickly,

What it means to be alive,

I’ve only ever seen,,

When your focus,

In an instant,

Steals you away from me,

Casting your gaze,

Towards some future fiction,

Which for an eternity,

Will replace me.

Now matter how crassly  I cry out,

Yearning to be seen,

Nor how firmly I try to hold on,

To your ephemerally physical shell,

I can’t stop this freefall,

With only the reverberating reminder alongside me,

Whispering that you’re never meant to return to me,

In time to catch and break my fall.

Through time,

When He has broken free of your spell,

And resumed his mundane accounting,

Your eyes will shed that foggy filter,

Returning to the land of the now-living,

Soon enough to see the me you’ve cast down,

The well of yesterday,

No longer your burden,

To carry into the tomorrow you’ve seen.

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